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Experience Winter the Dolphin’s

 Journey behind the scenes of Winter’s story and the making of the Dolphin Tale movies with producer and former Clearwater Marine Aquarium CEO David Yates. With his life story as a backdrop, Yates walks through the phenomenal rise of Clearwater Marine Aquarium and Winter the Dolphin with tips on how to arrive at your own BIG Life.

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Overcome your greatest obstacles and lead a BIG LIFE

Conquer Challenges

With the backdrop of Winter and IRONMAN, you will learn the power of overcoming,  thinking big, and setting yourself up for success on your life’s journey.

Be inspired

Journey through real-life stories of special needs children and wounded soldiers whose lives were saved by Winter’s courage.

David's Purpose

Discover how David Yates converted his dream into a reality, helping millions make their own dreams come true.

About the Author

David Yates

Former CEO - IRONMAN Group and Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Producer of Dolphin Tale movie franchise

Emmy Award-winning Producer of NBC and ESPN IRONMAN shows

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