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Swimming Upstream (Black & White print version)

Swimming Upstream (Black & White print version)


Same exact book but with black and white inside print

*Autographed by David Yates

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    No more small thinking. No more fear of taking the BIG step. No more comparing yourself to anyone else. Get to your BIG LIFE! This book was written for one specific purpose: to show you how to throw off the shackles of your past and find the BIG LIFE that lies waiting. Let the IRONMAN Triathlon and Winter the Dolphin show you how to swim upstream and alter the trajectory of your life.

    After a career of inspiring millions with these two worldwide phenomena, two-time CEO David Yates recounts his experiences in the newly released book, Swimming UPstream. You will learn the power of overcoming, putting the small thinkers behind you, thinking big and setting yourself up for success on your life’s journey.

    Born to a severely schizophrenic mother, David suffered through a troubled childhood. As a young teen, David was on anti-psychotic medication with his life barreling toward disaster, fearing he would descend into a life of mental illness like his mother. With the help of a strong faith in God and key mentors in his life, David was able to climb his way out of darkness to lead a BIG LIFE, eventually reaching millions with life-changing hope, including Winter the Dolphin’s inspiring story. Through the narrative of David’s life story, you will see how you can turn your detours and valleys into real opportunities.

    David’s journey of faith will encourage you, make you laugh and have you yearning to find your own BIG LIFE. You’ll cry tears of happiness as you read the real life stories of the many children and wounded soldiers, some suicidal, which David worked with during his years as the CEO of the IRONMAN Triathlon company (IRONMAN Group) and then Clearwater Marine Aquarium where the Dolphin Tale movies were created and filmed. Swimming UPstream will embolden you to overcome your past and swim against the currents to lead your BIG LIFE, throwing off the shackles of your past via the narrative of Yates’ life. If you’re looking to get unstuck or want to shift to BIG thinking, Swimming UPstream was written just for you. You’ll experience lessons from overcoming individuals, with classic self-help techniques, grounded in relentless faith. This is your time …

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