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Need help aligning your life for success? David has mentored many individuals, men and women, helping them alter the trajectory of their lives and careers. In David’s autobiography, Swimming UPstream, he recounts how multiple people poured into his life, allowing him to rise to the levels of success he has achieved. He now helps others the way he was helped, and can help you center yourself and get focused on how to achieve your life goals. Whether you are a CEO or just out of college, man or woman, wanting to advance your career or simply be a better parent, David’s Life Coaching philosophy and strategies will guide you to success.

David Yates, I found as a man with many talents and has a large scope of the business world. He is a visionary, creator, implementer and executor. He is energetic and a passionate advocate that brings a wealth of experience to the nonprofit world. He provides valuable insights on why so many nonprofits aren't getting the results out of their boards of directors and demonstrates the path to energizing and maximizing the impact of a nonprofit board. His communication level is professional, yet personal and fun, while making you feel like a friend from the very moment you meet. He has an amazing and diverse background, history of success and the skills to do the job. His professional expertise and understanding of the challenges of this ever-changing competitive economy is extraordinary. David has been a valuable resource for me while growing our small non-profit, RHS.  I would highly recommend David as a coach, consultant or speaker for any of your non-profit or for-profit business needs.



Kind regards, 

Jo Brower, Executive Director.  

Remember Honor Support - A 911 Memorial Event

As the founder of Angels Against Abuse, I am always looking for ways to move our nonprofit organization to the next level to be the best it can be for the children we serve who are victims of abuse and neglect. Thanks to David Yates and his ability to be a visionary, his guidance and ideas have been instrumental in our success over the past 13 years. There is such a synergy between what he does in the community and what the Angels do for children who are victims of abuse and neglect, that there was an immediate connection when we were introduced over 11 years ago.

In summary, David is an amazing individual and is well respected for his many contributions in our community.  He has given so many children, adults and families HOPE for a better tomorrow. 


Thank you David for all you do.  

-Sandy Kearney,


Angels Against Abuse - Fighting Child Abuse

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