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“Through David’s straight on approach and consulting, we were able to take our nonprofit from a family affair to a growing community awareness level.” 


Gina Wilkins 
Founder & CEO 
The Kind Mouse








“Not only has he provided me with the business perspectives and financial outlooks, but most importantly his belief in myself as a leader has given me the confidence to know that my vision is worthwhile.” 

Mary Leighton 
No Limits Foundation/Camp No Limits 


Is Your Nonprofit Or Small Company Struggling? 

David Yates has successfully run two well-known companies with global activity and footprints. As the CEO of the Ironman Triathlon Company (World Triathlon Company) in the 90’s and as the CEO of Clearwater Marine Aquarium for more than 14 years, Yates has developed proven models and leadership skills that made both companies global successes. The Ironman Company sold for nearly $1 billion in 2015 and Clearwater Marine Aquarium went from being one of the lowest rated nonprofits to one of the top 2-3% under his leadership. Yates has mentored numerous business leaders, especially in the nonprofit world, large and small. 

Yates takes on a limited number of clients, and has a proven track record of turning around the major nonprofit he has operated (Clearwater Marine Aquarium), having won a national turnaround award by the Turnaround Management Association. Yates’ services include but are not limited to the following: 


•    Nonprofit Organizations:

      o    Turnaround strategies

      o    Strategic planning

      o    Board development

      o    Optimization of current revenue streams

      o    Development of new revenue streams

      o    Development of marketing plans

      o    Media planning

      o    Social media platform strategies

      o    Brand development

      o    Financial reporting


•    Small Business:

      o    Strategic planning

      o    Marketing &  Media planning

      o    Brand building

      o    Social media platform strategies

Want real results for your small company or nonprofit?  Below are three charts that show the award winning results from David Yates’ fourteen-year tenure as CEO at Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  The first highlights Total Revenue growth, the second chart details guest attendance growth (the primary driver of CMA’s revenue), and the third chart shows the rise in the overall rating of Clearwater Marine Aquarium by the gold standard of Charity Navigator.  CMA is one of the most highly rated nonprofits in the country, and it started as one of the lowest rated at the beginning of Yates’ tenure.  

CMA Total Revenue 2007-2019
Yates Website CONSULTIN GRAPHS 2.jpg
Yates Website CONSULTIN GRAPHS 2.jpg

To book David, contact him or his team below.

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