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After a career of inspiring millions with the IRONMAN and Dolphin Tale movies, David Yates recounts his experiences in the newly released book, Swimming UPstream. The book travels through his troubled childhood, raised by a schizophrenic mother, to living an overcoming successful life with a BIG purpose; using his skills to motivate and inspire people in every country of the world and doing it in two different periods of his life at two different organizations. And he started out as an accountant! A true déjà vu story of thinking big, never 

giving up, and seeing that you, yes you, can have a much bigger purpose than you think. David doesn’t want you to find your purpose, he wants you to find your BIG God-given purpose. You will experience numerous overcoming emotional stories of children and wounded soldiers that David has worked with. Buy your autographed copy now and be on your way to changing the trajectory of your life, and never look back. 

David has also co-authored the successful Scholastic book Hope for Winter, the inspiring real-life story behind the movie Dolphin Tale 2. Order your autographed copy of this and the inspiring films produced by David, including both Dolphin Tale major motion pictures and the real-life documentary on Winter the Dolphin, Winter the Dolphin That Can! 

*eBook available on Amazon

*eBook available on Amazon

The following videos and links to videos are just a sampling of the inspiring stories included in the new book.